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I’m an investor in companies combining Profit + Purpose. My obsession is finding the most incredible entrepreneurs, and helping scale world-changing businesses!

From 2006 to 2018, I served as a Founding Member of TOMS. My favorite alchemy ingredients are storytelling, community building, and entrepreneurship.​

In my free time, I enjoy Epic Adventures, discovering hidden gems in Austin, and being Audible’s best customer.


In 2006, my friend Blake invited me to his apartment in Venice Beach, CA to discuss a new business idea. The concept was remarkably simple: With every pair of shoes sold, give a pair to a child in need. There would be no percentages or formulas, just simple One for One giving. The company was called TOMS - short for “Shoes for Tomorrow.”

After that fateful meeting, I posted an ad on Craigslist: “Startup philanthropic shoe company seeks interns. Work directly with the CEO. You will not be fetching coffee!” Six months later, I joined the TOMS Team as a Founding Member. ​

Over the years, TOMS moved from Apartment #1, to Apartment #2, to an old warehouse in Santa Monica where MTV once threw parties. Then the AT&T commercial happened – putting a national spotlight on the One for One Movement. Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine what TOMS would become…

“Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine what TOMS would become…”

Since 2006, TOMS has given more than 100 million pairs of shoes to children in need – and inspired countless other entrepreneurs to create purpose-driven businesses. What began as a simple idea is now a global phenomenon.

In 2015, I started a new journey investing in companies combining Profit + Purpose. I’m obsessed with finding the “Next TOMS” – a mission-driven business so remarkable that customers become fans & evangelists. Together, we can change the world. One company at a time!



Check out my latest thoughts. I write about purpose driven business, marketing, storytelling, lessons learned from TOMS, and much more!

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Looking to turbo charge your mission driven business? I advise & consult a select number of world-changing companies!


"Jake is able to pluck dreams from the sky and plant them into the ground where they absolutely grow wild. I do not take a step professionally without consulting him first"

- Alexis Jones, Author, Activist, Founder, I AM THAT GIRL & ProtectHer

"I’ve worked with Jake for 15 years. It’s impossible to express how much I’ve depended on him for advice, strategic thinking, and friendship in a two sentence testimonial"

- Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS Shoes, Co-Founder of Madefor

"Jake is that rare entrepreneur who does the research, asks the right questions and is always the most prepared person in the room"

- Elliott Bisnow, Founder of Summit


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